Himpunan Mahasiswa Akuntansi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran (Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad) is a student organization at the level of Undergraduate Accounting Studies Program Faculty of Economics and Business Padjadjaran University that based on professionalism, kinship, social, scientific values, and religious based on Pancasila and UUD 1945. Since Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad was established in November 1995, the Student Association has given benefits to members of Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad in the development of intellectual, leadership, professionalism as an accounting student, kinship, and also as a means of devotion to the almamater, community, and nation.


S2DY is a concept that was born from a thought that human nature is never satisfied with something new. Knowledge, experience, leadership, and professionalism will be a strong foundation to give the widest possible use of money. Himakunpad is not only a place to play, but also as a place to forge yourself, increase knowledge, and add experience, so that we will be more professional in the future.

Vision  :

To make Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad with integrity, responsiveness, and innovative, for the creation of superior resources based on the principle of professionalism, for the broadest benefits in Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad.

Mission            :

  1. Optimizing the function of Himakunpad as a place to channel the aspirations, innovations, and creativity of Himakunpad students.Building internal integrity and professional Himakunpad based on a family spirit and collaboration.
  2. Building Himakunpad’s internal with integrity and professional attitude based on kinship and collaboration.
  3. Strengthen the kinship for the benefit of internal and external parties.
  4. Providing a space to growth and learn for organizers of Himakunpad, so that later they can be sincere and give their best in carrying out programs for mutual benefit

Our Big Project


Pengaderan is one of three projects implemented by Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad 2020. Pengaderan is specifically for every new student and regular member to get full student status in order to participate in Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad 2020.

Padjadjaran Accounting Week

Padjadjaran Accounting Week (PAW) is an international educational activity which is not only focused on accounting fields but also focuses on non-accounting fields. PAW consists of Padjadjaran International Conference and Padjadjaran National Competition


Folka (Festival Olahraga dan Kesenian Akuntansi) is the largest internalization event that is included in the three projects implemented by Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad in one management period. Folka aims to facilitate Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad members in order to channel their interests and/or talents in sports and arts.

Himakunpad Organizational Chart

Himakunpad Organizational Chart
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Contact Us

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