03 Oct

Announcement BOM Folka 2019

Aloha! The wait is over, black-orangers!
We are proud to introduce FOLKA 2019’s Board of Managers

Congratulation to :
M. Saepudin (Accounting 2018) as Manager Badminton
Anastasia Kanaya (Accounting 2019) as
Manager Multimedia
Hisyam Musyaffar (Accounting 2018) as
Manager E-sport
M. Farid Prahadian (Accounting 2019) as
Manager Futsal & Table Tennis
Wening Restiyani (Accounting 2019) as
Manager funding & Consumption
M. Syauqi Farid (Accounting 2019) as
Manager Event Organizer
Dian Fitri S. (Accounting 2018) as
Manager Basketball & Truff Card
Fahrizal Akbar (Accounting 2018) as
Manager Volleyball, Dogdeball & Tarik Tambang
M. Zindie Buchori (Accounting 2019) as
Manager Logistic & Creative

We are waiting for your innovation and wonderful idea for our FOLKA!


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