21 May

Annnouncement BOD FOLKA 2019


Aloha! The wait is over, black-orangers!
We are proud to introduce FOLKA 2019’s Board of Directors
Congratulation to :
Nabila Yasmina Murtasiah (Accounting 2018) as Coordinator of Administration
Sarah Nadia Azzahra (Accounting 2018) as Coordinator of Treasury
Odelia Ardhani Putri (Accounting 2017) as Vice President 1
Andika Amin Pamungkas (Accounting 2018) as Vice President 2
Christian Eka Putra (Accounting 2018) as Vice President 3
Muhammad Hafizh Ramadhan (Accounting 2018) as Vice President 4
We are waiting for your innovation and wonderful idea for our FOLKA!


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