Our Values

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Competent, objective, professional integrity, and high social, as well as in favor of the public interest


Innovative at any time, an active initiative, optimistic spirit, and as a role model


Giving and sharing, humility, humble, balanced life, and religious

Ghaniy Kamal

Our President For 2017

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmattullahi wa Barakatuh, The warmest “Hello” from me as a President of Himakunpad 2017, My name is Ghaniy Kamal Bhowjani. First I want to say my gratitude to God due to all of the assistance.. then I want to share with all of you my proud for my council which consists of nine division, I totally hope we will work together like a big family for the next one year:) In this chance I also intend to introduce Three of our Biggest events that are Padjajaran Accounting Week, Festival Olahraga dan Kesenian Akuntansi (Folka), and Pengaderan. We really hope everyone who read it could contribute to our events and support us for the better of Hima Akuntasni FEB Unpad.

Our VP and Coordinator

Meet Our Leaders For 2017

Vivi Yanti

VP External
My name is Vivi Yanti as Vice President External Himakunpad 2017. I have two divisions under my department which is Himakunpad Information & Creative Centre (HICC) and External Relation (ER). HICC take responsibility to all the media of Himakunpad. ER as a frontliner of Himakunpad. If you have any question you can ask our frontliner.


VP Finance
My name is Larasati Puspa and i’m the Vice President of Finance Himakunpad 2017. There are two divisions under my Department which are Treasury & Controller (TC) and Business Unit (BU). Treasury & Controller is responsible in managing Himakunpad’s financial matter while Business Unit is performing profit oriented activities as an income for Himakunpad.

I Gusti Wisnu W

VP Internal
My name is Wisnu Wisnawa as Vice President Internal Himakunpad 2017. I have two divisions under my department as follow Human Resources & Development (HRD) and Internal Affairs (Inaff). HRD is a division which taking care of and developing the human resources in Himakunpad. Inaff is a division which facilitating our fellow Himakunpad member through internalization.

Hanifa Rahmayani

VP Educational
My name is Hanifa Rahmayani and I’m the Vice President of Educational Himakunpad 2017. There is one division under my Department which is Educational. We are responsible in facilitating our fellow Himakunpad to support their knowledge in the term of education. We are also the conceptor and in charge of Padjadjaran Accounting Week.

Zia Atul Qudsi

Coordinator Admin
My name is Zia Atul Qudsi. I am the Coordinator of Administration Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad 2017, the “right-hand” of our President’s. Administration division is responsible in optimizing administrative functions for Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad.

Syahla Hanadhiya

Coordinator Internal Audit
My name is Syahla Hanadhiya and i’m the Coordinator of Internal Audit Himakunpad 2017. Internal audit is an independent division to add value and improve our operations by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.


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