2019 Gallery

2019 Gallery

FOLKA 2019

Festival Olahraga dan Kesenian Akuntansi (Folka) is one of the three projects of Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad. It is one of Internal Affairs division project which aims to internalize the inter-batch, and also as a forum for Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad members to show interest and talent.


Pengaderan is one of three projects in Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad. This is a project of the Human Resource Development division. The purpose of Pengaderan is to earn full member of Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad.


PAW or Padjadjaran Accounting Week is one of the three projects of Himakunpad that is handled by Academic Development division. Padjadjaran Accounting Week has 2 sub-event, which are International Conference and National Competition. This project is implemented by a special committee formed by Academic Development division and some members of FAMA as Steering Committee.

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