Business Unit

Business Unit

Job description

  • Doing activities that are profit oriented
  • Update and implement Business Unit Policy
  • Responsible to Vice President of Finance Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad 2020

Program/Project Plan

  • Bursa Buku

Bursa buku is a program that sell accounting lectures and calculators. Accounting lecture books offered include Intermediate Accounting, Accounting Principles, Managerial Financial, Cost Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Investment, and Auditing. Book ordering system is done by pre-order with down payment at the beginning of the order.

  • Jahim

The package contains of Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad jacket and totebag.

  • Merchandise

Hima’s merchandise consists of stickers, tumbler, key chains, notes, and transparant totebag. This merchandise was designed by the Business Unit division.

  • Fifolifo

It is an Instagram platform based online shop that is used to introduce what products are sold by the Business Unit division.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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