March 4, 2017


Himakunpad is an accounting students’ association of Faculty of Economics and Business focused on facilitating the accounting students through events related to both academic and non academic in accounting study field regulated in our programs and in accordance with Articles of Association and Bylaws of our Standard Operating Procedure. Accounting Students’ Association of Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Padjadjaran was established in November 1995. From then until now it has been giving tremendous benefits in developing our member’s intellectual leadership and professionalism as accounting students as well as a platform to dedicate themselves to the alma mater, society, and nation.



Actualize Himakunpad as a student body that can accommodate aspiration and be a platform to develop self potential professionally and dynamically with kinship.



  1. Improve a sense of unity, solidarity, and kinship between Himakun pad’s members.

2. Become a media and distributor of members’ aspiration with both internal and external parties.

3. Increase the ability and the quality of the members in accounting field as well in a non-accounting field.

4. Establish a good relation with external parties.

5. Build and intensify professionalism and commitment towards Himakunpad

6. Gain beneficial knowledge and insight regarding campus’ activities and others that are related to it.