March 5, 2017


Forum Anggota Mahasiswa Akuntansi is the highest institution in Himpunan Mahasiswa (Hima) Akuntansi in Economics and Business Faculty Universitas Padjadjaran. FAMA is led by three presidiums, chosen and inducted by the members itself. Members of FAMA represent other members of Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad. The tenure of FAMA’ members is one period of governance and can be renewed by provisions from FAMA FEB Unpad itself. FAMA acts as the control function in Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad, FAMA gives guidance as steering committees to all activities of HIMA. They also makes sure that all activities are in line with AD/ART and other rules in Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad. Throughout one period, FAMA contributes in giving advice and recommendation in order to make Himakunpad better from time to time



(From top left: Muhammad Irfan Pratama, Rafiedhia Mahardika, Rieva Yunieda Nurliahafnie, Muhammad Khalifah Muslim, Anisa Putri Islami,  Anisa Putri Islami, Felix Harly Kusnadi, Faldo Aziz Perdanaputra, Anisa Aprianti, Rena Verliana Dita)

FAMA Activities

Special Assembly

Assembly conducted by FAMA to : a. Appoint and dismiss President of Hima Akuntansi FEB b. Appoint and dismiss member of FAMA FEB Unpad c. Ammend AD/ART Hima Akun tansi FEB Unpad d. Dismiss Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad

General Assembly

Assembly is held by FAMA to establish FAMA’s provisions (other than things established in Special Assembly). For instance to make, change, and abolish SOP of Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad; whether to approve or reject Laporan Pertanggungjawaban (LPJ) of HIMA’s Programs.

Regular Meetings

Meetings which are held by FAMA occur at least once a week with schedule agreed by all of the members. In this meeting, FAMA discusses, communicates, and evaluates all activities and issues related to Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad as objects to decide on General Assembly and Special Assembly.