Business Unit is a division that refers to a business oriented that looking for potential opportunities to generate profitable businesses such as selling jahim (jaket Himakunpad), merchandise etc. That are self-designated by this division

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Working Programs

Working Programs


Bursa Buku is a reseller of accounting lecture book and calculators, Book ordering system that run pre-order with down payment at the beginning of ordering. Accounting lecture books offered is Intermediate Accounting, Accounting Principle, Managerial Financial, Cost Accounting, Advance Accounting, Investment, and Auditing.


The Himakunpad Merchandise product consists of stickers, keychains, totebags, and stainless straws. The designs for all Himakunpad Merchandise products are made by the Business Unit division


Jahim is a package containing the Himakunpad jacket and totebag. The design of Himakunpad jacket are made by Business Unit division.


Hoodie is a product whose design, colors and materials are determined by the Business Unit division. This product was taken because it has conducted a market survey.


The design of Himakunpad T-shirt is determined through the competition, the competition process is done one week until the design of Himakunpad T-shirt will be produced. The winners of the competition are awarded a Himakunpad T-shirt. Fabric material is determined by the Business Unit division.


FIFOLIFO is an online store that operates on Instagram and sells fashion items as the main products with a target market for internal and external of Hima Akuntansi FEB Unpad.