21 Sep

Announcement! BOM Folka




[Announcement Board of Manager FOLKA 2017]

It is truly a great honour to announce the Board of Manager FOLKA 2017:

*Baharudin Erwin A (Accounting 2016) – Manager of Futsal
*Yusuf Alfayet (Accounting 2016) – Manager of Volley and Dodge Ball
*Davy Davara (Accounting 2017) – Manager of FIFA & NBA
*Gabriella Dina (Accounting 2017) – Manager of Basketball and Truff Card
*Daniel Christian (Accounting 2017) – Manager of Badminton and Table Tennis
*Hardian Kuncoro (Accounting 2017) – Manager of Event Organizer
*Yudhistira Mahenda (Accounting 2016) – Manager of Decoration, Tools, and Transportation
*Husain Daffa (Accounting 2017) – Manager of Multimedia and Consumption
*Rinjani Pancaniti (Accounting 2017) – Manager of Funding

We are looking forward to see you implement your innovation and idea for the success of FOLKA 2017.
And we also await for the rest of you guys to join us.


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