29 Apr

Super Deductible Tax

[KAJIAN HIMA AKUNTANSI FEB UNPAD 2019] Untuk mendorong peningkatan pengeluaran perusahaan di bidang R&D, pada umumnya pemerintah menyediakan pemberian insentif secara langsung atau tidak langsung kepada perusahaan-perusahaan yang melakukan kegiatan R&D. Terdapat dua tipe insentif yang dapat disediakan pemerintah untuk mendorong kegiatan R&D : 1. Memberikan bantuan langsung berupa “grant” atau subsidi 2. Memberikan bantuan […]

27 Apr

Announcement BOD Pengaderan 2019

[BOARD OF DIRECTORS – PENGADERAN 2019] Ahoy black-orangers! After a consideration process, we are proud to introduce Pengaderan 2019’s Board of Directors. But, we are not ready enough to begin our stories. We still need lots of ammunition to continue the journey. So, come closer because all of us are going to take part on […]

24 Apr

Open Recruitment OCP FOLKA 2019

[WE DARE YOU] ARE YOU THE NEXT ORGANIZING COMMITTEE PRESIDENT OF FOLKA 2019?? Be the next OCP of folka 2019 You can be the next OCP just register yourself here: http://bit.ly/OCP_Folka19 http://bit.ly/OCP_Folka19 http://bit.ly/OCP_Folka19 Requirement: – Curiculum Vitae – Application Letter – Motivation Letter – Grand Design – Weekly Schedule Download registration form and get all […]

16 Apr

Open Recruitment Pengaderan 2019

[OPEN RECRUITMENT PENGADERAN 2019] Ahoy Black-Orangers! ⁣ The time has finally come. Pengaderan 2019 is recruiting now and be prepared for the unforgettable moments ahead. ⁣ Your time is now. Come join us and be the part of a great agent of change for our mariner, along with great people on your side as well.⁣ […]

15 Apr

Announcement OCP Pengaderan 2019

The first step is our event is now done. After lots of consideration and analyzing alternatives we have reach an agreement that: The Organizing Committee President of Pengaderan 2019 is… AUFA MURTAFI RIFQI (Accounting 2016) We hope to see your great concepts, idea, and work for the best success for Pengaderan 2019. Lots of cheers […]